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This is a collection of fun stories from over 272 countries and territories that Carolyn has visited in her lifetime.

Read her stories below

Two Lady Tourists Travel To Conflict Stricken Countries

When June Landrum and I arrived at the last police check point into Damascus, Syria February 10, 2020, we had to show our passports one more time. And when we did, we politely showed approval and happiness for what we saw because we did not expect to ever see anything like this in a war-torn […]

Jingle Trucking Machos in Pakistan

As we went down the roads of Pakistan, they kept passing us on the other side and we just had to concentrate on them because we had never seen anything like them. And they kept passing us one after the other from Islamabad to Karachi. When we saw each one, our joyous screams of amazement […]

A Touching Encounter in Rwanda

On the way to the starting place, the 2 guides said it would never happen after I told them my dream was to kiss a baby.  Then she said neutral colored clothing was the only color allowed in the forest.  I then asked her what would happen if I wore a color. She said I would […]


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