United States of America

Winter in Yellowstone National Park

Magic Moment Memories of Tauck’s World Discovery’s “Winter in Yellowstone” Event

*The pack of wolves howling on the other side of the valley while a wolf, a golden eagle and raven were on the opposite side eating an elk. It was so loud and lasted 2-3 minutes

*The ride from Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful Snow Lodge in a school bus yellow bulldozer-wheeled bus-Glaval-a one of a kind ride

*Seeing a wolf and raven thru a telescope eating an elk

*Seeing fumaroles, hot springs, geysers and mud pots while walking in the snow at Fountain Paint Pots

*Gerard Baker, the Mandan Hidatsa Indian, on our tour who spoke to us about his Indian customs and traditions—a priceless one-of-a-kind encounter. He wore a full length bison coat and coyote Davy Crocket style fur hat

*Bob Landis, the world renowned filmmaker-movie maker, showing us some of his outstanding footage of scenes in Yellowstone-the red fox diving head first in the snow, otters sliding down a snow-covered hill, a swan walking in the snow, 2 eagles grasping each other in flight and then letting go right before they fell to the ground and more.

*A coyote jumping up and then diving head first into the snow to get a rodent and capturing the instant it happened on my camera

*The snow and snowing to white-out was so much fun

*Walking in the snow and hearing crunch, crunch, crunch as we walked

*The Hop-On Hop-Off method Tauck used to tour Yellowstone- pull up to the dedicated path, get out, walk in a little loose snow, then onto the dedicated path, see the feature, and return the same way back.

*Standing in line in 23 degree below zero snow for 10-12 minutes waiting to use the “one-holer”  porta potty with a foot of snow on its roof. Priceless.

*A herd of snow-covered Bison on the road walking right by our Bombardier and blocking our passage

*Three Trumpeter Swans just a swimming in a snow-covered river while it was snowing heavily.

*The Indian Prayer given in native Indian language and English by Gerard Baker while we stood in the snow-covered road of Enchanted Forest surrounded by snow-covered pine trees in 23 degrees temperature. Priceless

*Stopping for hot chocolate and popcorn in a Warming Hut in the middle of a day’s sightseeing

*Seeing the “Ice Trees”, flocked trees, Rime Frost crystals and Needle Frost crystals around steam vents and hot springs and learning about them from Jim Halfpenny

*Having Janee and Jim Sundby as tour directors, both beyond outstanding

*Having the Tauck 3-generation family on tour with us and getting to know them

*Walking in the snow at night

*Dressed like mummies in so many layers to keep warm we could barely bend or move

*Getting the one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience this winter wonderland, thanks to Tauck World Discovery

*Getting the opportunity to meet personally with the best experts associated with Yellowstone National Park.

*The Bighorn Ram looking down at us from a 15ft. hill

*Getting the opportunity to have a first-time encounter the entire tour with Gerard Baker, a real Indian that we could relate to and understand

*Learning that our final Bombardier ride would be the last Bombardier ride in Yellowstone because of new snow transportation being introduced.

*Getting to wear very casual, plain warm clothes everyday of the tour, including to Cocktail Parties and Welcoming and Farewell Dinners. Priceless

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