United States of America

251 Countries & Territories Visited in 45 Years


Kim-Kay Randt of Houston, Texas Executive Director of Travelers Century Club, an International travel club, presented Carolyn with a certificate certifying  she has visited 251 countries and territories in this wonderful world. And it only took Carolyn 45 years to accomplish that goal.

“It has been unbelievable experiencing and enjoying the different customs and peoples on this planet. And following on my international travel blog are many stories and photos of the encounters I have enjoyed,” Carolyn said. “I hope you enjoy the world with me as I show and tell you of my many adventures.”

Travelers Century Club, an international travel club, lists 325 countries and territories for its members to visit. Carolyn has 74 more to visit. So keep following her to see how many more countries she will visit.


2 replies on “251 Countries & Territories Visited in 45 Years”

Carolyn, you are amazing and a true inspiration. Your love for people all over the world flows through your words and photos. I just finished looking at your Blog with my husband and feel like I was there, in all of the places where you force us to look beyond the political, religion, traditions, weather extreme conditions, and fear, and make us enjoy what truly matters: we (humans and animals) share the same creator and live in this beautiful planet. Many thanks for giving us this rare gift. Marisa Bascope (sitting next to you on the plane from Austin to Houston on your way to California. October 2016).

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