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Carolyn has traveled to 273 countries-territories and continues to travel. She enjoys seeing and learning about each country and how all the world’s people live and are making it in life. The header image is Carolyn in Udaipur, India at the Oberoi Udaivillas Hotel (ranked #1 in the world at the time). The hotel’s surprise make good to Carolyn was a complete Indian festival of around 25 people and animals all in costume, a traditional Indian greeting ceremony. The hotel gave Carolyn this surprise  to make up for not getting lunch to her one day. Read the story called “Always Ask for the Caparisoned Elephant.” under India.

Carolyn is a platinum member of Traveler’s Century Club (tcc.org), an international travelers club for members who have been to more than 100 countries and challenges them to visit a total of 329 countries-territories. She never planned to keep count of the countries/territories she visited. Then one day, a tour guide with Tauck told her about the Traveler’s Century Club and their list of countries to visit. When she joined TCC, she had been to 127 countries and territories. And, she found it to be a fun challenge and a great way to learn geography, history, and culture. And she found it a great way to become educated on everything about another country/territory. The most fun, however, is the wonderful people she meets along the way. They all loved teaching and showing Carolyn about their country/territory and how they do things their way. All people in all countries/territories were so gracious and welcoming to her. She also is a member of her local Travel Club.

Carolyn travels mainly with:

Carolyn is retired and enjoys experiencing adventures around the world and writing short stories about different and outstanding happenings on these tours and sharing them with others. And, she enjoys showing her adventures through her photos. All photos  (for sale at $400 each) are taken by Carolyn unless specified otherwise.

It was Cissy Swearingen of Tauck who suggested Carolyn start a blog. “The reason I thought you should start a blog and share your travel experiences is simple. I have never known anyone with as huge a passion for travel as you. The passion you have to see the world and learn from other cultures is amazing. What is special is that you can make that happen. A lot of people want to travel, want to learn more about other cultures, want to meet people from around the world. However, sometimes circumstances prevent them from doing so. You have made every effort to do so.

I don’t know anyone, including myself, that could keep up with you and the miles that you travel every year. You also have a gift of being able to express yourself and share your experiences with others.
That is why your blogs are so interesting and informative. Keep it up! A lot of people read your blog and it allows them to experience all the wonders of the world along with you.”
Marisa Bascope wrote: Carolyn, you are amazing and a true inspiration. Your love for people all over the world flows through your words and photos. I just finished looking at your Blog with my husband and feel like I was there, in all of the places where you force us to look beyond the political, religion, traditions, weather extreme conditions, and fear, and make us enjoy what truly matters: we (humans and animals) share the same creator and live in this beautiful planet. Many thanks for giving us this rare gift.
Carolyn THANKS Sudha Ram PhD of the University of Arizona/Tucson for guiding her on the creation of her Facebook Page, Facebook.com/carolynstravels   Carolyn met Sudha traveling on the plane in May 2015 when they happen to sit together. Both of them fell fast asleep and only talked for 30 minutes before the plane landed. Carolyn learned that Sudha taught Facebook at the University and Sudha so graciously offered to guide her on the creation of her first Facebook Page promoting carolyntravels.com, Carolyn’s travel blog.
Carolyn thanks her niece Lynn, who helped her create this travel blog and continues advising her on it.. Her sister, JaNet, also helps with editing stories as does Lynn. They both have been outstanding in their help. And many of my friends. Thanks to all of you.
Maureen Paap with Art of Hospitality Travel,  maureen@aohtravel.com  Carolyn’s travel agent, who helps create her fun and different adventures around the world. And she books her tours and air perfect every time. Plus, she is fun to work with and has a can-do positive attitude. She also is a Virtuoso agent. Thanks Maureen!
Maureen Taylor, Carolyn’s Retired Travel Agent, who made all of her travel arrangements perfectly for every trip for 15 years all over the world, taught her so many travel tips in always getting the most for the money. Thank you Maureen!