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—-  Eating breakfasts that were common tourist breakfasts with non-common delicious Cuban coffee.

—-  Seeing the bright blue sky from horizon to horizon without a grayish layer of pollution anywhere.

—-  Getting to view the engine under the hood that opened from each side of a 1956 Orange Buick Special

—-  Visiting Callejón de Hamel, also called Hamel’s Alley, and experiencing Santeria there, a mix of Roman Catholicism, African Yoruba and Native Indian beliefs, that is integrated into Cuban daily life.

—-  Learning from educators how 98% of the Cuban people now are literate as a result of a mass education campaign of education. Educated people in Havana were even sent to the countryside to educate the people there.

—-   Experiencing the centuries-old ritual of the 9 p.m. Cannon Blast Ceremony at the Morro Fort announcing to all that the city gates were closing for the evening.

—-  Talking with two men who were born in Cuba, came to the USA under different circumstances and now, after 32 years in Miami, were returning for the first time to Cuba, and sharing the very emotional experience returning to the place of their childhood.

—-   Seeing the shock on the Cuban people’s faces when they learned we were tourists visiting from the USA.

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—– Having Cappuccino Cuban coffee at Café de Maria, a private coffee house, only to be surprised by the face of “Che” (Ernesto Che Guevara) in cinnamon on top of the frothy milk.

—-  Visiting 1 of 20 El Niño y La Niña Community Project centers started in 1988 in Havana after problems were identified with children in neighborhoods, and having 50 of the 11-12-year-old children there to visit with, see their work, see how they are doing and to encourage them to keep on doing good and learning.

—-  Seeing ox-drawn carts and horse-drawn carts coming and going along side us on the highway, just like trucks.

—-  Learning that an Exit Ticket was required to leave the National Hotel when carrying our luggage to our #1848 toruist bus.

—-  Viewing the beautiful fields and plantations full of lush tobacco plants growing 3-4 feet tall.

—-  Going through Cueva del Indio, a cave in Cuba, then exiting in a boat and stopping for lunch at a restaurant with round huts and thatched roofs that made us think we were in Africa.

—-  Seeing the colorful cream, orange, pink, blue, green and yellow buildings everywhere we went in Cuba.

—- Getting to see THE red, white & blue national bird of Cuba, the Tocororo, in the Orchid Gardens. Priceless.

—-  Seeing those Trinidad-style Cuban cigars being rolled by 52 employees at the Fabrica de Tabacos Francisco Donatien in Pinar del Rio, the tobacco growing region of Cuba. Priceless.

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