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—-  Seeing a truckload of 40 Cuban soldiers as our tour coach passed it on the street, when one of the soldiers stood up with his arms straight up in the air and then blowing us a big long kiss with both of his hands. Priceless.

—- Seeing skinny Cuban dogs wandering the streets.

—- Riding in a 1956 Buick Special with WINGS  along the Malecón to one of the top paladars (private restaurant), El Guarida in Havana where the movie Fresca y Chocolate was filmed. And then returning to the 1930-built Nacional Hotel in a spotted gray 1953 Ford Hardtop and the back seats in both cars were like sitting on concrete with no padding on rough, bumpy roads.

—– Having the Farewell Dinner at La Ferminia Restaurant and having dinner consisting of five meats: Grilled Bacon, Pork, Sausage, Chicken and Beef served one at a time to us on a skewer, the most meats we saw on the tour. Priceless.

—– Climbing up 275 steps to see the Villa Soroa Cascada (waterfall) in the Orchid Botanical Gardens only to find the water falls barely running.

—– Enjoying the other 19 members of our tour who enjoyed experiencing Cuba as much as we did.

—-  Having several of those tour members fluent in Spanish and several more that spoke some Spanish. Priceless.

—– Going to a Block Party in the dark to visit with tenants of a housing project and watching the children sing and dance then eating refreshments prepared for us by the adults.

— Getting a shot of seven-year-old Cuban Rum after touring the exhibits at the Rum Museum in Havana.

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